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Well, I now have my babies back but if it wasn’t for the Non Custodial Moms here I don’t know what I would have done or how I could have done it! One night I was sitting trying to see if there was anyone else out there going through what I’m going through and I found NANCM. I read some of the other stories and thought Wow! I’m not alone! I cried about what all these Moms go through and so many of them are so much like me and have broken hearts just like me.


I came on NANCM’s message board every day to read what everyone else was going through and what they were feeling. I wrote and told some of my story and I couldn’t spell very well, but nobody judged me on that (someone even had to retype this story to clean it up because I spell so bad!) But I was very glad that they could understand me through my typographical errors and sometimes I was so upset that I barely made sense when I wrote, but everyone was so supportive. I had lost my two little girls. Their Dad took them when he had them for two weeks for the summer and I kept calling and nobody would answer the phone. I called the police and they sent someone to the house but nobody was there for two weeks. I got papers sent to me getting an emergency hearing saying that I had tried to kill myself 3 times, but it was a huge lie! But the judge thought it was true so I had to get a lot of issues taken care of, but in the end the truth prevailed and I stayed strong and didn’t cave in.


I came on to this side and made friends. More than friends, it was more like finding a long lost family. My own family wasn’t there for me through this. But I do know thanks to this place it was and still is a God send. There are so many wonderful people here and I enjoy reading all the posts. At times it breaks my heart still to read all of what everyone goes through it’s like it’s happening all over. Sometimes I don’t have a lot to say because I can’t type it out very well and I don’t feel I give great advice but I do know this is a great place for everyone that feels lost and depressed. The people who come here are all here for each other. No matter what someone may be going through, they are here for each other.


I did get my wonderful baby girls back and I thank this place because they were here through the roughest part of my life for me. I will be staying here even though my roughest times are over because I want to let others know there is hope. Just pray a lot and vent here and cry with everyone because we all know we are great Moms even if it is part time or full time. We are our children’s Moms and we love our babies.


So if you find this website and don’t know if you should join, please do because they have very good information on so much you need to know about different aspects of being a Non Custodial Mom. There is so much advice and things to do in order to help you stay in your child’s life and maybe be able to get custody back or at least 50/50 custody. This site is definitely geared for what is best for the children. It’s not about “winning” or “getting even”; its about healing from the pain and doing what is best for our children.


I am glad that I have my girls back, but their Dad gave up all his rights to them and that makes me sad. I did not want that for them because all children should have both parents in their life if they are fit and loving. But that’s not always the case; sometimes one parent is not fit and/or they are not loving. It’s going to take a lot of work to get my babies over the damage done to them by their Father; especially now that he has signed away his rights and wants nothing to do with them.


I am so grateful that I found this site when I was almost at the point of giving up. This place made me strong and helped me keep up the good fight. The people here helped me learn how to deal with my X husband and the StepMother. So many people here go through the same things and that’s part of why this place is so amazing.


Stay strong and always pray and thank God for the small things in life and the big things because God is there for everyone and hates to see us or our babies in pain.


Thank you for all your kind words and support through my difficult journey. I look forward to being a part of NANCM for a long time, even though I have my babies back.




Finding this website was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, I cannot express how happy I am that I am finally not alone in this situation anymore. Thank you all of you for just being there!!!!!!!!! HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY

"Hi Beverly ~ It was great to talk to you today...AND I forgot to say THANK-YOU!!!! for developing your web site for people like me.  When no one else was there ~ when no one "understood" how I felt ~ you and all of those wonderful non-custodial moms WERE THERE.  That is priceless.  You have a very special place in my heart and many other hearts for your hard work and compassion..”

NANCM has been my lifeline since I stumbled upon the website 4 months ago. The support, understanding and information has proved invaluable to me as I struggle with my NCM status.

" I found this website tonight. What a wonderful way to look for advice, support and a sounding board. For sooo long I felt as though I was alone. There is no way that anyone can understand the pain we feel unless they have experienced it themselves."

Sydney, NSW

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