An Association which believes that children
have a right to BOTH fit and loving parent
s as EQUALLY as possible in their life.

When both parents are fit and loving,
50/50 joint custody (as close as possible)
should be the standard arrangement,
with "move aways" being illegal.

A court of law may make a move away legal,
but it certainly doesn't make it right.

NANCM provides emotional support to
all Non Custodial Parents, including:

Long Distance Moms

Mothers who are victims of a "Move Away"

Mothers who have lost custody for any reason

Mothers who are victims of Court Travesties & Injustice

Mothers who willingly relinquished custody of their children
for the children's best interest.

Any parent who does not have full custody of their children and needs emotional support dealing with the aspects of being a Non-Custodial Parent.*

According to the most recent Census Bureau statistics, 2.2 million women lack custody of their children in the U.S. An even greater number of Fathers are Non Custodial. What is more staggering is a large percentage of these parents are needlessly "shut out" of their children's lives. They are denied visitation ordered by the courts repeatedly, with no recourse. They are denied phone calls and letters as well. The custodial parent does not keep the other parent informed of changes and activities in the children's lives. These parents are serving a severely minimized or non existent roll in their children’s lives, but not by choice. Some custodial parents move their children out of state, and the non-custodial parent is hindered or completely blocked from the ability to nurture their relationship with their children.

The National Association of Non Custodial Mom’s core belief is that children have a right to both parents in their life when and if both parents are fit and loving. NANCM’s core role is to provide a community of emotional support to the Mothers (and Fathers) who find themselves in the position of being partially or wholly shut out of their children’s lives emotionally or geographically. While all Non Custodial Parents face a wide array of issues; NANCM is strongly focused on helping Non Custodial Moms deal with the excruciating pain a Mother faces when being torn from the children she bore for nine months and, in most cases, was the primary care giver for prior to separation. NANCM’s other main focuses are on the social stigma and the financial strain of being a Non Custodial Mother. These issues are discussed in greater detail in our 3 Areas of Focus.

As an individual who herself was raised by her Father, President and Founder, Beverly Morris, realizes that there are indeed Father’s who experience similar pain and similar issues when separated from their children and encourages them to join NANCM if they believe they need help with these aspects of their separation.

NANCM strives to encourage those involved in custody issues to Effectively Co-Parent. There are many ways to co-parent, even when it’s necessary to minimize the contact between parents due to stress levels being high. In order for children to come out of the experience with minimal emotional scarring, co-parenting is as essential as each parent having equal opportunity to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with the children.


Finding this website was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, I cannot express how happy I am that I am finally not alone in this situation anymore. Thank you all of you for just being there!!!!!!!!! HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY

"Hi Beverly ~ It was great to talk to you today...AND I forgot to say THANK-YOU!!!! for developing your web site for people like me.  When no one else was there ~ when no one "understood" how I felt ~ you and all of those wonderful non-custodial moms WERE THERE.  That is priceless.  You have a very special place in my heart and many other hearts for your hard work and compassion..”

NANCM has been my lifeline since I stumbled upon the website 4 months ago. The support, understanding and information has proved invaluable to me as I struggle with my NCM status.

" I found this website tonight. What a wonderful way to look for advice, support and a sounding board. For sooo long I felt as though I was alone. There is no way that anyone can understand the pain we feel unless they have experienced it themselves."

Sydney, NSW

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