B. Morris, Founder


NANCM's Founder , has been a long distance mom with joint legal and physical custody to her two oldest children since 1998* (see update below) when her children were moved by their father to Pennsylvania in a "move away". Despite the joint custody, Ms. Morris considers herself “non-custodial” due to the fact that her relationship with her children was severely minimized by the distance involuntarily put between her and her children. Because of the her ex-husband's decision to move it is she who has to pay child support and receive visitation. The move happened over a year after the divorce and over a year of practicing 50/50 joint custody. With 2 weeks notice and an emergency injunction her only chance of stopping the move, it was allowed because of a paperwork technicality; a notary's jurat was not signed properly. Even though the judge expressed his opinion that moving the children would be detrimental to everyone involved; the court did nothing to help once the father had the children over state lines.

Ms. Morris''s core belief is that children have the right to both fit and loving parents in their life, and fit and loving parents should have a right to 50/50 joint custody. Ms. Morris herself was raised by her father and numerous step-mothers because of divorce when she was too young to know what happened. This is probably the biggest reason that Ms. Morris's advice to all non-custodial parents is to "DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!" so that your children will have a trail of events and facts to be able to look at when they become adults.

Ms. Morris founded NANCM, Inc. after building a non-custodial mom's webpage and discovering how many mothers without custody were "out there" needing support from each other. Ms. Morris's vision is that one day, any mother who suddenly finds herself a long distance mom or loses her right (judicially or through no fault of their own) to a 50/50 visitation schedule will immediately know where to turn for support.

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Celeste Chappell-Bates
Executive Vice President/COO


Celeste Chappell was a single mother who never married her son's father and left the emotionally abusive relationship in her third month of pregnancy. In January 2005, Celeste became a non-custodial mom to her then 7-year-old son after a hard-fought, malicious seven-year custody battle, even though the judge in the case called her a fit parent in his ruling, and all three of the court's experts supported her having primary custody. Although she was represented pro bono at the time she lost custody, the previously accumulated legal fees had entirely depleted her financial resources and cost her the home she bought for herself and her son.

“It's hard enough being a single parent with today's increasing moral challenges. Why put an innocent, loving child in the middle of a personal conflict, manipulate and abuse the court system to exact revenge for a personal hurt? There are so many other children in truly dire situations that courts should focus time and attention to. Parents need to put aside their personal differences to work together in the best interests of their children so that they grow to become happy, well-adjusted adults. For the children's sake, the acrimony needs to be put aside…period.”

Celeste joined NANCM, Inc. in April 2005 and has since found peace helping other women who are struggling with any aspect of being a non-custodial mom. She is the Ohio Chapter Leader and the site moderator. Celeste accepted the position of Secretary on the NANCM Board of Directors in January 2006, was promoted to Vice President in January 2007, and Executive Vice President in June 2007. She brings her talents in non-profit management from her experience as an administrative specialist at the American Cancer Society.

“NANCM has been a God-send to me! I only hope that I can offer the same support and love to other non-custodial parents that I have found in this wonderful organization Ms. Morris created. The camaraderie found here is unparalleled!”

Although it has been difficult being a long-distance non-custodial mom, particularly with the added stress of an uncooperative custodial parent, Celeste maintains a strong and loving relationship with her son. Celeste's advice to other non-custodials is, “Stay strong and never give up. No matter what anyone else tells you, your children need you!"

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Annette Pagano, Psy.D.
Vice President


Annette Mayo Pagano studied at Rivier College in New Hampshire and received her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the Fielding Graduate Institute in California. She currently is a Senior Lecturer at Rivier College

Annette is the author of "Journeys of Women Without Custody", an eye-opening look at the social and very personal aspects of being a mother without custody.

Annette's mission is to educate and clarify the impact of social gender assignments and how it marginalizes women. Dr. Pagano is a member of NEPA, New England Psychological Association and ARM, Association for Research on Mothering presenting at various poster sessions and academic conferences.

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Finding this website was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, I cannot express how happy I am that I am finally not alone in this situation anymore. Thank you all of you for just being there!!!!!!!!! HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY

"Hi Beverly ~ It was great to talk to you today...AND I forgot to say THANK-YOU!!!! for developing your web site for people like me.  When no one else was there ~ when no one "understood" how I felt ~ you and all of those wonderful non-custodial moms WERE THERE.  That is priceless.  You have a very special place in my heart and many other hearts for your hard work and compassion..”

NANCM has been my lifeline since I stumbled upon the website 4 months ago. The support, understanding and information has proved invaluable to me as I struggle with my NCM status.

" I found this website tonight. What a wonderful way to look for advice, support and a sounding board. For sooo long I felt as though I was alone. There is no way that anyone can understand the pain we feel unless they have experienced it themselves."

Sydney, NSW

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